Nov 04

NewImage9 Men of Easy Company

Warren “Skip” Munk


Today, the men of Easy Company are hesitant to talk about Skip. It still brings up too many painful memories. When they do talk, they describe him as the best-liked man in the company. 1st Sgt. Les Hashey said simply, “We all loved him.”

Robert Rader



His life was simple. Robert J. Rader wasn’t a captain of industry or world leader. He loved his family. Supported his community. Served his country. Did his job. Yet when it came to his commitment to his immediate sphere of influence, Robert could not be topped.



Sep 22

image thumb40 A war he’d just as soon not fight 
Here we go again.

If you read the highlights of Bob Woodward’s new book it seems clear that Obama doesn’t want to be in Afghanistan. I don’t know if that is because he is generally anti-war/anti-military, because he’d rather spend the money on unions, or because he just wants to hide his head in the sand.

But instead of just imposing his will as Commander in Chief, and taking responsibility for this decision, he instead takes the best advice of his military advisers and corrupts it. He thus ensures lots of soldiers are there to get hurt or killed, but not enough to get the mission done.  He even refuses to talk about the war in terms of winning or losing.

In this he rises his stock as American’s most evil, narcissistic, “it’s all about me”, President since Richard Nixon.  That’s right… evil.  Getting other people killed, for your political benefit, is evil in my book.

This isn’t hope and change. This is politics from 1970. Its retro… and not the good kind.

Those who voted for Obama ought to be ashamed. And if they haven’t yanked their support for him then they need their head examined.

Obama is 2010’s Nixon. There are no protests because there is no draft, and the military is a tiny percentage of our population. Our callow nation pays false homage to the sacrifices our volunteer military makes while voting in those that will abuse that service. It’s sick, frankly.  It says much about Obama, and even more about us.

Sep 22

image thumb39 Prediction: Problems later
Used to work with us

As I read this:

– The CIA created, controls and pays for a clandestine 3,000-man paramilitary army of local Afghans, known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams. Woodward describes these teams as elite, well-trained units that conduct highly sensitive covert operations into Pakistan as part of a stepped-up campaign against al-Qaeda and Afghan Taliban havens there.

I couldn’t help but cringe as I thought of the problems that 3,000 well-trained, “elite”, Muslims will cause once we bail on Afghanistan.  It fits the old adage of "today’s solutions” becoming “tomorrow’s problems”.

I remain unconvinced that improving Afghanistan is key to our national security. Another option, untried, is keeping anywhere that trains terrorists as rubble.

It boils down to a lesson the Romans learned in training the Barbarians, the more we train Muslims the more they will use that training against us – eventually.

Sep 16

nuclear bomb comparison Who said commies failed at everything?

Sep 14

PTMmbz*yNTMxOWU1YTk3MTM*OTUyODY3MDQ1Yzc*NDRkZGY4OCZzPWFjZS5tdS5udSZvZj*w Medal of Honor SSG Giunta

He seems very grounded that he was fortunate to be selected, for what he believes many others have also done,  and appreciative of the significance of the award.  I like him, as I do most Staff Sergeants I’ve met in my day.  Congratulations SSG Giunta. Well done!

Aug 30

"Magnificent! Compared to war all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance.
God help me, I do love it so!"
- General George Patton Jr

25% of the anemic 2nd quarter growth of 1.4% was caused by defense procurement or consumption (i.e. war):

image thumb42 War is hell, except on GDP

Alas, even the GWOT has to end sometime. Or does it?  Will we have a permanent military-war-on-terror complex, like we have left over from the Cold War?  That seems likely.

Jun 23

Read it here.

My take…. Nothing to be fired over. I like him more at the end of it than before.  But in it committed the unpardonable sin of praising Hillary Clinton and I suspect he will be gone by lunch.

And… (a bit later). He’s gone.

But… given a choice between him and Petreus, I’ll take Petreus.

He really is a patriot to take this on. He has done plenty and sacrificed much more than is called for.  But if this works, he is our Eisenhower and can write his ticket, so maybe he plays for a larger game.

Jun 23

image thumb64 Then she slapped him
Edith Shain, pictured above, has died at the age of 92.

I like the picture as a great picture, but it sort of bugged me at the same time. What’s with these pushy sailors going around kissing woman they didn’t know??  I didn’t like the idea of VJ day being like Halloween or a Lakers win – just an excuse to misbehave.  I was pleased to read that she slapped the guy after.

Jun 22

If an officer cannot figure out Rolling Stone, how can he understand the Taliban?

Victor Davis Hanson
in this post at the Corner

I’d add that if a President is not competent enough to appoint competent officers to execute our wars, how can we win them?

McChrystal screwed up, but I’m sure having to deal with ninnies like Obama and his crew would drive any patriot insane. Why he had to blow hard to the Rolling Stone is what mystifies me.

Update: Don’t blame the general…

Jun 16

image thumb35 A Bugler for Ray

We buried my Uncle Ray yesterday in a short, but moving, ceremony at the Riverside National Cemetery.

Given that not many people play the bugle any more, and also given that the cemetery does 40 to 50 burials a day, normally Taps is played by recording.

Our excellent funeral director, Bob Hansen of Crippen Mortuary, arranged to have a live bugler be part of the honor guard with an organization called “Bugles Across America”.

Craig Bryant, of Bugles Across America, drove from Anaheim to Riverside to play Ray’s funeral.  He did a lovely job and we thank him.

You can donate to and learn more about Bugles Across America here.

Jun 14

image thumb31 Pic of the Day 

Uncle Ray at US Army Jump School, Ft. Benning, GA
His memorial is today.

Jun 10


image thumb25 PC Army 
Speer TBBC bullet which SOST design models

The Army wants a lead free bullet. Which is silly, but okay, would you settle for a lead free and BETTER bullet?

While this non-lead policy burnishes the army’s image and environmental cred, it also provides troops with an inferior bullet; the M855A1 copper alloy slug. But inferior to what? Well to a another new bullet. SOCOM (Special Operations Command) has developed a new 5.56mm bullet, the SOST (Special Operations Science and Technology) round.

So the Army won’t supply its troops (except for Special Forces) with a better, non-lead bullet, and get this kicker:

The army is now working on an environmentally correct 7.62mm round, and ignoring troop requests for the SOST round

Why doesn’t General Petraeus just wave his magic wand and fix this?

P.S. I wonder how many truck bombs weren’t stopped before blowing up because of the Army’s “green” bullet. 

P.P.S. Hey Army… the lead you want to avoid putting in the ground, came out of the ground!

Jun 10

Via Strategy Page’s update on what wars are going on right now:

For example, fighting back is considered, by Moslems, as culturally insensitive ("war on Islam"), and some of the Western media have picked up on this bizarre interpretation of reality.  It gets worse. Historians point out, for example, that the medieval Crusades were a series of wars fought in response to Islamic violence against Christians, not the opening act of aggression against Islam that continues to the present. Thus, the current war on terror is, indeed, in the tradition of the Crusades. And there are many other "Crusades" brewing around the world, in the many places where aggressive Islamic  militants are making unprovoked war on their Christian neighbors.

Jun 08

D-Day photos

Military Comments Off

I missed posting this back on the 6th…. Boston.Com has a large collection of images from D-Day at:

May 19

image thumb34 Petraeus speech to AEI 

All the press can speculate on is “will he run for President”. Maybe he will, maybe not. They even speculate his speech was about “big ideas for the nation”:

Still, some attendees of the dinner, upon listening to Petraeus, said they couldn’t help but hear a candidate laying out his vision for governing the nation as the general developed his theme of how "big ideas" turned around a lost cause in Iraq. has the entire speech, which wasn’t about transforming a nation, but about how they quickly transformed the Army of 2005 into the surge Army of 2007:

So tonight, I want to talk about the effort that developed and institutionalized those ideas–ideas that ushered in a generational transformation that touched all aspects of our Army, from the doctrinal manuals that describe our operational concepts to the education of our leaders, from the training of our forces and the conduct of actual operations to the ways we sought to capture and share lessons identified in training and on the battlefield.

Would he be a good President?  Yes. Probably better than we’ve had since Eisenhower. The RISK however is that he may be competent, but in support of what ideology?  The next 3 or 4 Presidents will be choosers – of who wins and who loses, I need to know he will choose productive people as winners, because lacking that our nation will spiral out of control into chaos and disintegration.