If you can’t track a big cloud of ash…

If you can’t track a single source, humungous cloud of ash, why should we trust you with our economy?


More on volcanoes

Pesky volcano shown from ISS

I’m really starting to not like these volcano things…

It has been hypothesized by a volcanologist at Los Alamos, that the Dark Ages were triggered by agricultural collapse following the 535AD eruption of Krakatoa.

Anyway, global warming scares me not. But volcanoes… they are the Freddie Kruger of environmental threats.

Good review of global warming hoax


John Hinderaker at Powerline offers a nice summary of the global warming fraud:

The ‘manufacture’ of a ‘man-made’ warming trend, when there is none, likely involved (i) selection of stations that showed a trend, and (ii) inadequate correction for purely local warming influences such as the ‘urban heat island’ effect (see HTCS Figs 7 and 8; and the recent extensive publications of Joe D’Aleo and Anthony Watts).

He misses just plain algorithm error and software bugs that also contributed.

He also introduces a new term that I think will be useful “hoaxer”. That is what we should call anybody relying on this faulty science – like Al Gore or Obama – who I doubt care  a lick about the science but love the money it brings them and the damage they can do to our economic system while using it.

Bloom – real or hype?

Big fuel cell claims to be better than all the rest
But customers seem to be in it for the major tax breaks and PR so far…

This seems cool:

A Silicon Valley firm has unveiled a device that it says could revolutionize the way that we produce and consume electricity.

The Bloom Energy Server, publicly shown for the first time on February 24, mixes gas and air to produce electricity via a clean chemical reaction. Originally developed to provide power on Mars, the invention could soon be powering our homes, dramatically reducing our reliance on the fossil-fuel powered electricity grid for energy.

But a few things concern me… First, their website doesn’t really explain how it works.  Second, it is littered with “sustainable” and “green” and “environment” which usually means “please subsidize me”. And third, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Powell were at the unveiling.

Bloom claims they will have a device that costs $3,000 and can power a house in 10 years:

The scientists behind the project hope that a pint sized version of the Bloom Energy Server could soon make its way into the home. At its launch, Bloom Energy boss Dr. KR Sridhar showed a brick sized device that he claimed could power a house. The firm reportedly aims to make these available for less than $3,000 (€2213), although Sridhar warned that domestic applications such as powering electric vehicles and mixing with solar energy could take another ten years.

10 years is essentially forever.  So, it may be real, but I’ll consider it  useless hype because at that pace it isn’t going to help anybody but those willing to lose money trying to save a planet that doesn’t need saving or those unwilling to lose money but happy to get  money taken by force from me (i.e. a subsidy).

It could be cool, but probably isn’t.

More reading here.


Only 57K per house

About $10 bucks at Wal-Mart

Everything Obama touches turns to crap. Even the simple process of weatherstripping a home.

ABC News reports that the General Accountability Office will declare today that the Energy Department has fallen woefully behind — about 98.5% behind — the 593,000 homes it initially predicted would be weatherized in the Recovery Act’s very first, very chilly year.

But no matter how little gets done the government bureacracy has to be paid, so they’ve spent $522 million dollars to do just 9,100 homes – at a amazing value price of just $57,362 per home.

BTW: The reason it goes to crap when Obama touches it is that he touches it with GOVERNMENT.


Cool name, and a cool picture:


That is snow, ladies and gentlemen, lots of it!

Reality ad

I wonder how many saw the Audi Green Police advertisement ask “how long til it gets that bad”…

BTW: I looked at the A3 TDI just this week. Too small a back seat. WAY to small.

A Gore Storm

So where is Al Gore talking enough to cause this? Or is Gaia going after his TN mansion?


How can we make it warmer?

New Arctic weather station installation

Well.. we could move all the thermometers:

“NOAA . . . systematically eliminated 75% of the world’s stations with a clear bias towards removing higher latitude, high altitude and rural locations, all of which had a tendency to be cooler,” the authors say. “The thermometers in a sense, marched towards the tropics, the sea, and to airport tarmacs.”

“Scientifically” they say this is cool because they, say, take a thermometer from Toronto and “interpolate” it for what the Arctic would be.  In other words, “guess”.

Oh.. .interpolation can be useful. Most images you see, that look pretty real, have interpolated data. But… interpolation looks at past data sets and would not capture changes in the places that used to be measured but that are independent from places where stations remain.

Weather is big and complex, interpolation is guessing.

Hot Air

A U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) study projects that the eastern US could get 20% of its electricity from wind by 2024:

“Twenty percent wind is an ambitious goal, but this study shows that there are multiple scenarios through which it can be achieved,” said David Corbus, NREL project manager for the study. “Whether we’re talking about using land-based wind in the Midwest, offshore wind in the East or any combination of wind power resources, any plausible scenario requires transmission infrastructure upgrades and we need to start planning for that immediately.”

Do you believe them?  I don’t.   Look at their title “National Renewable Energy Lab”… would they advocate some other solution? Or are they voting for their team to win?

I don’t trust anything or anybody using “renewable” “green” “sustainable”. That means they already made their mind up.

Can wind help? Sure. But I’m very dubious it will make up 20% of eastern power unless subsidized extensively.

I’d rather have a report from the “Department of More Energy than we could ever Use”.

Gore effect strikes, fish hurt most

image image
Good for South Florida’s polar bears, bad for tropical fish

Millions of dead fish float in waters of Florida

Everywhere he steered his skiff last week, Pete Frezza saw dead fish.

From Ponce de Leon Bay on the Southwest Coast down across Florida Bay to Lower Matecumbe in the Florida Keys — day after day, dead fish. Floating in the marina at Flamingo in Everglades National Park alone he counted more than 400 snook and 400 tarpon.

They died from cold, but you know, the real threat, what we should kill our economic future over, and what we should give freedom up to avoid, is a possible, unlikely, minor increase in temperature.

BTW: Why do dead fish float? Answer here.

Buy Orange Juice Futures

Glenn Beck says “Get yours today on OrangeJuiceLine!”

Nah… I don’t give investment advice. Well, except I don’t think gold makes much sense if you plan for the apocalypse. I think brass does however.  But I digress….

But with this news that this is the longest cold stretch in Florida in over 100 years, my thoughts turn to orange juice:

National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Hess said that it’s the length of the cold that is most significant.
“This is the longest stretch ever in 100 years of record keeping.”
A new daily record low temperature was set Sunday, Jan. 11, in the Crescent Communities, with the area reaching 17 degrees.
Since the beginning of January, temperatures have remained more than 20 degrees below normal. Temperatures normally should be up in the 60s during the day and the 40s at night, Hess said.

Brrr…. weather isn’t climate, but shouldn’t we be better prepared for COLD weather we have, not warm weather we wish we could get?

Patronage Act

A job saved?  Or millions of future jobs lost?

The “stimulus” bill, which paid off Democratic constituencies and donors all over the world, didn’t skip the little guy. Nope, it reached down and lifted up none other than ClimageGates own “hide the decline” Michael Mann:

Mann is also the creator of the “Hockey Stick” graph, which purported to show a sharp increase in recent temperatures. That work has been thoroughly discredited by researcher Stephen McIntyre. Yet, in June 2009, the National Science Foundation awarded Mann a three-year $500,000 to further study the climate’s response to human activity. According to the grant award:

      The broader impacts involve supporting postdoctoral scholars and 
      graduate students and contributing to the understanding of abrupt
      climate change.

So the science seems settled and now we have to study what will happen, not what might. Right.  

First off, this isn’t appropriate for “jobs stimulus”. Second, Mann’s science is so suspect he shouldn’t be given grants at all, and we should probably try to get money back from past grants.

The Democrats fight all out war on this country and leave no stone unturned. In the unlikely event we survive their crazy policies of today, they need a firewall of climate change based laws to ensure we stay down.


ClimateGate Update

Over at Ace of Spades blogger “krakatoa” keeps us up to date on ClimateGate in a daily posting. Today’s can be read here:

One IPCC scientist seems to think we are in for decades of cold.

The Gore-effect weather aside, leading Cricket aficionado and UN Climate Chief Pachauri seems to have fallen out of favor with his local papers. Seems Indians aren’t fond of hypocrisy.

His conflicts of interest are old news to those paying attention, but then, nobody has accused the Press of paying attention for quite some time.

Scientist who, to great Copenhagen fanfare, predicted 6 foot rise in sea-level has been derided as "simplistic and unsatisfactory."

We deniers are all about laying the defamatory smackdowns. Wait a sec… The Met Office said it?

Even on slow days he usually has a lengthy list of updates.

Here is a link listing all the updates.

Odd number of an odd number

Drudge has this headline:


and I wondered… why 14th, and why of 115 years?  Why not 10th in last 100, or coldest in 25?

The Drudge link goes here

And I now see why that is used. They have data for 115 years, and this was the 14th coldest of the time they have records for. Okay, that makes sense now.

Using the sites handy chart generator I made this chart:


Which leads me to the more conventional view that Dec 2009 was the coldest in a decade.

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