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This article, on Muslims and Christians is interesting for two reasons. The first is that the Washington Post didn’t publish it, even though it was submitted by a regular correspondent of the times.  The second is because it is… interesting.

Readers of know that I’m a public advocate of limiting the inroads Islam makes into the United States via legal immigration.  I don’t think we should let them in.

3. Because Jesus was a failure and Muhammad a success, Christians from the start learned how to be a minority religion and survived Jesus’ failure only by the fact that he didn’t stay dead. Christians don’t know how to behave when they are in power (and, of course, have sometimes abused their power). But Islam was, from its start, majority-minded; and Muslims don’t know how to behave when they are not in power: it enrages them, makes them thin-skinned to “blasphemy,” drives them to achieve power and impose sharia, even motivates some of them to martyr-suicide in killing any they consider enemies of Allah.

I don’t come to this belief out of support pro or con as to the merits of any particular faith’s tenants.  I’m more practical than that. Where ever Muslims are permitted to congregate, trouble follows if they aren’t in charge. End of story.

I say… don’t let that happen here.   This doesn’t mean trampling the  rights of Muslims that live here, or of citizens who happen to choose that faith. But no religion has a RIGHT to immigrate here, and we have the RIGHT to deny entry into this country for any reason. I suggest we exercise that right vigorously and with an eye towards our countries stability and safety.