Jun 13

I confess to going to New York for a week recently and not seeing any shows. They were expensive and didn’t seem worth the time and money.   I did try, belatedly, to get in and see Rock of Ages, but $300 for seats with an obstructed view hardly seemed a good time.

But I like Neil Patrick Harris’ number, so I’m linking it.

3 Responses to “Broadway–not just for gays”

  1. Carl Says:

    The world’s large cosmopolitan cities do force you to think twice about your value for the prices asked. But a good capitalist knows it’s just economics of supply and demand. Seats in a stage theater are few to spread very far the high cost of producing each show. Films are an entirely different economics, and the cosmo cities that speak English are a great source of interesting films that you won’t see in St George.

  2. Ken Says:

    I don’t begrudge them the prices, they just aren’t worth it to me.

  3. D E Says:

    I have been to a few fun shows on Broadway. Of course, I didn’t pay.