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Bob Owen says that reports of the collapse of the AR-15 market are premature. That matches my experience too.  Obama fueled a crazy rush on them. And he still may again, as I suspect should he get a second term that firearms will be a target.

In fact, gun buyers that purchased ARs for the first time in the past year seem to have fallen in love with the design. Instead of buying a second basic model, however, they are returning to the market in search of more refined and specialized variants, or variants in other calibers. The market, instead of collapsing, seems to be transforming.

But the market has transformed. I own two of them, and will sell one, plus some other guns, to get a gas piston version specialized for the 3-Gun competition my son and I enjoy.

The firearms market has always been cyclical. The Obama rush plus veterans returning and eager to own an M4 variant in civilian life peaked the market a year ago. Now it cools, but remains strong.

As to the rifleā€¦ I love it.   Two is plenty, though.



    If you’re looking to scare a group of bad guys here’s your weapon. Just hang it in your garage for quick access!

  2. Ken

    March 29, 2010 at 7:14 am

    A Tommy gun is cool, wouldn’t mind having one. I’ve shot them before, they are heavy and unwieldy. But cool.

  3. Did you get the email I sent about the garage door covers? Then you wouldn’t need a huge gun, with outdoor lights, the door covers are realistic enough to scare away even the toughest dude, add some sound effects and they would be bring you other people’s stuff. How do the senior’s keep safe down there?

  4. Ken

    March 29, 2010 at 10:35 am

    got it. cool. I’d probably rather have a pretty scene though.

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