10 Things Not To Do about Gas Prices


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10 Things You The Government Shouldn’t Do on Gas Prices

2. Don’t drag on drilling permits. As the only country in the world that places a majority of its territorial waters off-limits to oil and gas exploration, at the very least we should be drilling in the areas where we do have access. Removing the de facto moratorium on drilling would immediately increase supply, create jobs, and bring in royalty revenue to federal and state governments.

Guess what… Obama is 0 for 9 of them and is thinking hard about the 10th (releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve).

We couldn’t have elected a worse President for the problems facing us than the loser “leading” us now.

When we need honesty, he is dishonest. When we need more energy, he cuts production of it. When we need freedom he takes it away. When we need less corruption, he gives us more.

I can forgive people that were fooled into voting for this moron, but I can’t forgive or trust people that still think he is a good President.


  1. Drain America first?

    If you had a food supply in your home and the world had a limited supply of food, which would you do today – eat your supply or buy what you needed from the outside world’s supply?

    Cheap fuel today gratifies users (and voters) in the short term and drains the world supply (unless you think that oil is much more abundant than the experts think). But smart people like you think for the long term and favor institutions and policies that pursue long term solutions.

  2. Schools and media have worked for decades to strip Americans of any independent thinking or love of freedom. Journalists are just flattering their vanity the only way they no how, by shilling for egalitarianism.

    Instead of fueling the system with tuition dollars for the coming 4 years, what about “home schooling” your kid for a year with classics and computer programming, and giving him two years’ worth of tuition money in cash. Odds are, he’d get further, faster, than those sheep who are herded through college.

    Please excuse my reckless brainstorming. I’m spending more time here because I’m boycotting so many other websites.

  3. I’d rather use what we have. We have more than a 200 year window if we just use it. And we use that time fighting less wars over it and spending more on nuclear fission and fusion.

  4. Hi Hoss…

    FYI… we do home school (-:

    And a problem we face is our kids being intellectually ready for college level material, but not college. So we handle that material ourselves where we know it, and by hiring instructors for stuff we don’t recall well (e.g. chemistry or biology).

    I do wonder if I would be better off handing my kids a $50K head start in life instead of college.

    But frankly… I can probably do both, and just might.

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