George Washington Test

Although I’m sure the foggy lense of history obscures big faults, it is generally agreed that George Washington could have been President for pretty much as long as he liked. Instead he desired to leave after one term, and was cajoled into serving two.  And while I find myself far more to the Jeffersonian wing of democracy,  to me,  Washington epitomizes the idea of political office holding as service, not career or end goal.

So when I evaluate candidates, I use what I call the “George Washington Test”.   Or, What Would George Do (WWGD).  This may seem simple, or naïve, or un-modern, but if you try it you will find it very  illuminating, or perhaps, clarifying.

So, for instance, would George serve in office for decades?

Would George be a lobbyist?

Would George advocate taking on loads of debt?

Would George permit unelected bureaucrats to print endless amounts of money?

Would George add new spending while we are racking up debt?

Would George support laws that gave the Federal government control over minute personal or local matters?

Would George support  the Federal government mandating candle height in homes (or light switches today)?

Only 7 people will serve Utah in the House, Senate, or as Governor.  We draw those seven from a population of 2.7 million.  I see no reason why there can’t be 7 people of George’s caliber. People who view public office as service, not opportunity.

My job as 2012 State Delegate from Utah SG35 is to find 3 such people.  Wish me luck.