Fundamentally foreign view

Good thing he wasn’t compared to a cat

Obama complaining about folks talking about him “like a dog” bothered me today. For two obvious reasons… one is that Presidents shouldn’t bitch about negative comments. The second is nobody has actually compared him to a dog.

But underlying my irritation was a 3rd reason that it just sounded “odd”, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Vox Day identifies what is odd about Obama’s complaint, from an American perspective:

To me, the most interesting aspect of this is that the first negative thing that sprang to mind when Obama wanted to express how people were badmouthing him, he thought of "a dog". That is not a normal American expression. One works like a dog, one is as loyal as a dog, one is dog-tired, whereas the negative forms tend to utilize the term "bitch" instead. Using dog in this perjorative sense is much more common in the Arab world.

So he may not be a Muslim (now), but his upbringing in the Muslim world has given him a fundamentally non-American way of thinking.

Which could be an excellent explanation for his un-American policies.

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  1. I *could* defend him and say that it is also an insult in older English and German. For instance, I recall an account of a standoff in relation to the American Revolution which was escalated after a British Officer called the Americans dogs. Dog has changed context in more recent culture to the more positive if I understand correctly.

    The reason I will not state that in his defense is the fact that this shrub seems to cherry-pick what history that he bothers to read at all.

  2. The only expression I typically use dog in a negative context is “you treat that like a dog treats a backyard, like a baby treats a diaper”.

    He’s a psycho. A quote of the day tomorrow or day after will explain what really happend in 2008 and how he got elected.

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