Casual Lies: Obama Townhall edition

image I quit smoking, and none of my town hall questioners were plants

So what is worse? Some frustrated and concerned American’s getting loud because the Congress and President want to remake 1/5th of our economy over a weekend?

Or the President saying “I don’t want people to think these questioners are all plants?” when indeed they all were?

The  voices are loud at these town halls because of two reasons… when a bus is about to hit someone, you shout. And Obama is certainly aiming a bus at our economy.  The second reason is that when you are lied to you get frustrated and angry.  So when Obama says “no plants” – flat out lie. When some Congressman says “budget neutral” – flat out lie. The lie and lie and lie. Then they lie about why we are angry.

Update: He was really lying. Not only were they “plants”, they were bussed in.