A politicized military

70% of officers in the US military support John McCain for President:

Source: Military Times

In Israel 50% of IDF company commanders are religious Zionists Is there a risk in such a political weighing to one side? 

I’m not concerned about our officer corps. Their support for McCain isn’t driven by ideological fervor. If they feel any fervor it is for the Constitution.

In the IDF case, clearly the impetus is religious. That means that their military is at risk of taking orders from a higher authority than the political chain of command.  In Israel’s case, that may be a good thing. Their political chain of command has proven inept at defending their interests. Perhaps Zionist’s understand this and are preparing to make things right.  I wouldn’t mind.

But what if 70% of our officers backed Obama?   Don’t worry, it would never happen in a volunteer military. People that volunteer and serve do not like Obama or his ilk.

As an aside, expect to see massive departures from the military if Obama is elected. He will blame “Bush” but it will really be about him.